Aren't You Going To Say Hello? || Harry & Evie



Sighing to himself, Harry watched the scenery pass him by outside of the window of the train. There really wasn’t much to look at, not here in Northern California. Why had they even agreed to meet here, again? It didn’t matter, because the train was coming to a stop, and he…

The second Evie looked up, Harry matched her goofy grin with one of his own, because oddly enough, right in that moment, he was the happiest that he had been in quite some time. He only grew happier as she made her way to him and wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling him into a hug. Without hesitation, he slipped his own arms around her and tightened his grip just slightly, mumbling a barely-audible, “I missed you, too..” He let his eyes fall shut for a few moments, just holding her there as all of the memories came flooding back. Everything that had happened during the exchange, all of the phone calls and late-night texts since he left, and just everything. He couldn’t help that more than anything, he wanted to kiss her right then. But he fought that urge.

"Jesus, you’re insane, jumping me like that," he added with a low chuckle, pulling back just enough to meet her eyes. "What would your boyfriend think, hm? Or what would Jesus say? Shame on you, naughty girl. At least contain yourself until we’re alone." He was only teasing, of course. Not that it wasn’t completely true. He just wasn’t sure what their relationship was at this point, besides being best friends. All he really knew was that he no longer wanted to tell her about anyone he hooked up with, out of guilt, and he wasn’t sure why that was. Glancing around them, he noticed that most everyone else there was grabbing their things and heading off, and Harry figured they should probably do the same. Dropping his arms briefly, he instead took one of her hands, entering their fingers casually as he picked up his duffle bag once more. "C’mon, lead the way. Where should we go?"

Evie shook her head, “What’s a boyfriend?” She giggled at the rest of his words, “Oh, how could I ever contain myself around you? You’re just so attractive.” Messing with Harry was one of her favorite pastimes. Well, if it counted as one.

Shrugging her shoulders, Evie yet herself relax around Harry. She hadn’t noticed how tensed she’d become since he got there. Although, she felt nothing different than the last time she saw him, she was still somewhat nervous. If that made sense. “I know nothing about this place…”

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Aren’t You Going To Say Hello? || Harry & Evie


Sighing to himself, Harry watched the scenery pass him by outside of the window of the train. There really wasn’t much to look at, not here in Northern California. Why had they even agreed to meet here, again? It didn’t matter, because the train was coming to a stop, and he was finally arriving at his destination. It had been two and a half months since Harry had decided to leave the exchange program, after dealing with too much from Ethan, one too many times. He just couldn’t handle everything that he’d become, and everything he’d done, so he.. left. He left behind everything; Ethan, Izzy, Josie, Evie. Except that he couldn’t leave Evie behind, there was no way he would let her go like that.

They’d kept in touch over the weeks, and she was well aware that he was back in the states. She was the first person that he told, and pretty much the only one, since his mom and dad refused to acknowledge him anymore. That’s why he was here, in boring Northern California, meeting up with the mostly-blonde girl that he had tried to put in his past but couldn’t. Grabbing his things, he made his way to the exit, pushing past anyone that got in his way. He just wanted off of this stupid train. The second his feet landed on the pavement outside, his eyes began scanning the small crowd for Evie. A smile crept over his lips when he spotted her, but she hadn’t seen him yet. She had headphones in, and was looking down at her phone, doing who-knows-what. With a small smirk, he pulled out his own phone and started a new text message to her. "Look up, dummy." After it had sent, he turned his attention back to the girl, keeping his eyes on her and waiting for her to notice him.

Evie fiddled with her hands before reaching into her back pocket and pulling out her phone, just to mess around and pretend she had more friends than just Harry. Although the crowd was small, there wasn’t one person standing alone. She was nervous already. Harry should be getting there anytime and the more she thought about seeing him, the more anxious and nervous she became. That was still a mystery to her, she had been around him so many times before, why was she so nervous now? 

Her thoughts changed direction when her phone vibrated with a text from Harry. Her face lit up with a smile as she looked up to see him. Not thinking twice, she freed herself from her spot, and let herself run to him. To say she missed him, would be an understatement. Not long after Harry left the exchange program, she left as well. There wasn’t much for Evie to leave behind. No one had really taken interest in her. Besides, she seem to be putting herself in more pain the longer she stayed around. When Harry decided to keep contact with her, it made her much more excited than it probably should have. She went back to her parents in France, but they still didn’t care too much about her. She was ready to get out again. Meeting up with Harry in the states would do just that.

"I miss you!" she squealed as she wrapped her arms around Harry’s neck, making her go up to her tip toes. It wasn’t a lie. Over the time, Evie grew close to him, even developing feelings for him at one point. Its weird how he was the one to talk to her, even if he did want sex the first time they met, she was shocked someone like Harry would want to hang around her at all. 

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